CNA classes in Baltimore are a great step toward obtaining proper licensure for working as a nursing assistant. While you don’t necessarily need CNA classes in Baltimore to become certified, as you can find the necessary information online, taking them will ensure you have all the specific data for the necessary state examination. It is easy to miss things when researching solo, and such classes are a foundational stepping stone toward eventually becoming a Registered Nurse. Plus, the hands-on training you will get in such courses can’t be surrogated. Following are several collegiate institutions that feature CNA classes in Baltimore.

CNA Classes In Baltimore And Surrounding Area
There are a number of programs that can be found which offer CNA courses that prepare prospective students for the subsequent state mandated examination as specified by the Maryland Board of Nursing. Within 100 miles of Baltimore’s city center, there are two collegiate institutions who offer specific courses.

Anne Arundel Community College
A little over 18 miles from the city center is Anne Arundel Community College. Since AACC isn’t a university of the “ivy-league” type, it is going to have affordable coursework that is specifically designed to provide you gainful employment upon completion.

This sequence includes two courses designed for persons who wish to function as workers at area hospitals. Once study has been completed, students will be able to give direct patient care and perform advanced skills, which include phlebotomy, under supervision of a registered nurse. The two courses you can take at AACC include Patient Care Technician as well as Geriatric Nursing Assistant and Advanced Patient Care Technician. Both are approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing for CNA certification, as well as the MDHMH, or the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Labs at AACC are state of the art. Enrollment requires reading and math proficiency, as determined by english and math placement tests. These are testing for basic skills, and usually don’t feature anything more difficult than high school level academia. You must submit a health examination record prior examination, submit to a criminal background test, and complete the American Heart Association (AHA) CPR qualification.

Hagerstown Community College
Hagerstown is another community college offering CNA/GNA (Geriatric Nursing Assistant) courses in Baltimore. It’s about 60 miles from Baltimore proper, and aims at not just helping students understand the local environment, but global methods of nursing. All courses are fully accredited via the MBN as well as the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

How To Become A CNA in Baltimore
Becoming a CNA in Baltimore requires being certified and registered with the state of Maryland. This involves passing a CNA training course which has been determined by the Maryland Board of Nursing. Additionally the state of Maryland has mandated a licensing examination. As complicated as all that sounds, it is really just completing three steps. After you’ve finished your initial CNA training, the first thing you need to do is pre-register for the certification exam. Second, find a location–there are eight Red Cross facilities in the state which administer the exam. The cost of the exam is $20 initially, and $40 thereafter. You must renew every 2 years. While there are also schools authorized as testing centers, some aren’t; so be sure and properly register with an authorized facility. Third, you’ve got to pass that exam. It consists of multiple-choice questions, a reading portion, and a hands-on section where clinical skills must be demonstrated. Instructors choose five basic nursing aide tasks randomly; such as brushing a patient’s hair or teeth, performing CPR, checking a pulse, etcetera. They give you 2 hours and 25 minutes to finish both parts of the test. If you pass, you get your CNA certification and can begin work.

Government Agency Overseeing CNAs in Baltimore
The Maryland Board of Nursing is the agency responsible for not just CNAs, but RNs as well. This agency has determined which tests you must take, and is also responsible for meeting out certifications after examinations have been passed.

There is A Shortage: CNAs And Nurses Are Needed
Baby Boomers have passed middle age and are excising themselves from the workforce. In America, approximately 3 million nurses care for the needs of the entire country. That is in the ballpark of 1% of the population. But the population is growing, and many of those 3 million nurses are baby boomers; meaning they must retire shortly. As population increases and nurses retire, demand for new nurses goes up. Today, nurses are in exceptionally high demand. Reports indicate this demand will remain constant for at least the next decade. Obtaining your CNA certification is a great way to get in on the ground floor with professional, promotable experience that may very likely yield a steady RN position in the near future.

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