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Certified Nursing Assistants are becoming a thing of the present and the future, as the medical field increases its demand for employees. Certified nursing assistants are no exception. Below you will find information on specific classes within the Bay Area in regards to how to become certified as a nursing aide. The governing body that regulates nursing aides in California is the California Department of Public Health. Feel free to visit their website here to learn more about their regulations.


CNA Programs in the Bay Area

Do you have a desire to work and make a difference in someone’s life? Is there an urge within you that makes you want to help others in the most efficient way? Not only will becoming a NCA grant you job security, but the training does not take months, hours are flexible, great salary and even the option to work in any respective field you want to.

There are many options available to you and that fit into what you are looking for, but you must decide what it is that you are looking for and your criteria. Not only does the program have to be in close proximity to your home, but details also must include the price of the program, fees associated with your program, the duration and even the hours of the classes. Do not be discouraged by this, because there are endless opportunities.


Bay Area Medical Academy

The Bay Area Medical Academy offers an abundance of courses that lead anyone into the appropriate medical field they desire. Programs such as a medical assistant, pharmacy technician, phlebotomy technician, an EKG technician, learning CPR, and becoming a CNA are all of the programs offered. The course for a CNA is about 3 months long and it prepares the students to take care of those long-term care patients and this program is approved by the Department of Public Health. A required 70 hours of classroom lecturing, as well as 120 hours of a supervised lab is mandatory for the completion of this program. Upon completion of this program, you will feel ready to properly and professionally engage in the work force as a CNA. For more information, you can email the school at

Hillendale CNA and HHA School

You can get a head on your career today with this CNA program offered in the Bay Area. Not only will you gain hands on experience, but you will also be engaging in training with one of the best home care companies in the area. There are summer and fall classes offered in order to help cater to the working adult for this 28-day CNA training program. This includes lectures and clinical training. In order to be accepted into this program one must have a social security card, valid identification, obtain a physical exam, pay a registration fee of $200, and complete FBI fingerprints. For more information, call 925-933-8181.

Bay Area College of Nursing

This rigorous program is a 150 hour course and will allow you to become the CNA you desire. Not only will this course help you demonstrate appropriate and effective communication skills, but it will also give you the knowledge of the appropriate emergency procedures that one should conduct when facing a dilemma, and even prepares you for the State of California certification. There are various opportunities to take part in this program that gives the ultimate opportunities for aspiring CNA’s to take part in this. For more information, call 650-858-6810.


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