Looking for CNA Classes in Clarksville Tennessee?


Finding the best school to attend to gain your CNA is one of the most important choices that you will make. Your schooling speaks a lot about you and the kind of person that you are. There are many college options that are more than suitable. Your choice will depend largely on which schools fit with your lifestyle and meets your needs.

Listed below are some great options in the Clarksville area:

The Miller-Motte Technical College in Clarksville is an excellent option. The student to faculty ratio at this school is 16 to 1 and has an average of 400 students at any one time. Another excellent option is Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Paris. Their student to faculty ratio is 14 to 1 with an average of 330 students. There is also a Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Hohenwald that is just as good an option. They have a student to faculty ratio of 17 to 1 and have an estimated 350 students. A final option is the Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Shelbyville. Their student to faculty ratio is 20 to 1 with an average student population of 450.

CNA Classes in Clarksville Tennessee


There is a simple three step process that outlines what is required of you to become a certified CNA in Clarksville, Tennessee. The first part is to complete an accredited CNA training program. Fortunately, there are four local colleges that offer the necessary classes required to complete this step.

The second required step is for you to pass a nationally-recognized certification exam. There are several organizations that you can use to take this exam. One of the most well known of these organizations is the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

The final step required to become a CNA is to become listed in Tennessee’s nurse aid registry. They can easily be done from links found on the CNA Certification & Training website.


Being a fully successful CNA within Tennessee means understanding who the governing body over you is. Inside the state of Tennessee, this is the Tennessee Department of Health and the Board of Nursing. This particular department monitors anyone who could be called a health care professional, whether that be for mental health or physical health.


Becoming a CNA is a wonderful beginning. But knowing all of the jobs you are now qualified for is very important as well. There are many facilities where you can work. These locations include hospitals and assisted living centers. Beyond these obvious locations, you can also work with home health aide agencies, skilled nursing facilities and even pediatric care. This ensures that no matter where your dreams lie, there is somewhere that needs your help.


Understanding the current statistics for your occupation is a great way to monitor what is to be expected as the years go by for those with a CNA. As of 2015 in Tennessee, there were roughly 6,600,000 with about 30,000 of those working in the nursing assistants field. For these people, the estimated hourly pay is around $11 an hour with an estimated yearly income of about $23,000. Watching these numbers every year is a great way to monitor trends for the state of Tennessee for those with CNAs.

Working to gain your CNA is only the first step on the path to meeting your career goals. Understanding all of the legal requirements and the governing body will also help you to become fully successful. No matter what you intend to do within the field, having a full understanding of all aspects is one of the best ways to become the best CNA in your field. We wish you luck in the pursuit of finding the right CNA Classes in Clarksville Tennessee for yourself!

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