How to Become A CNA in Washington D.C.

There are several CNA programs in D.C.

However, you must make sure you meet all the requirements before you can enroll.
Before we go into depth about the programs in Washington DC let’s dive into online options first. It is becoming increasingly convenient and fast to obtain the necessary certifications for the NNAAP–or National Nursing Assistant Assessment Program–exam through these online programs:

CNA Programs in D.C.


The National Nursing Assistant Assessment Program
This organization caters to clients in twenty-five separate districts, meaning your certification through NNAAP isn’t only good in the District of Columbia, but all areas where this organization has clientele. As well, the test is administered in Spanish and English. This exam has two sections: one written, one hands-on. The hands-on section requires you to demonstrate procedures and skills acquired through your training, while the written section follows convention, the only deviation being an oral test that is administered should you be unable to take the written portion. You’ve also got to pass a background check that monitors for criminal history. Certification lasts two years, and then you’ll have to renew your license. But once you are licensed and certified, you’re ready to be a CNA in the nation’s capital; and there’s plenty work there!


Maintaining Your CNA License
To keep your CNA license in Washington D.C. requires the aforementioned two year renewal. As long as you have twenty-four continuing-education hours and eight paid hours under your belt, you’ll be in good shape.

Programs Near Washington D.C.
Most options in the D.C. area are going to be online, following are several well-regarded choices with excellent CNA programs:


Kaplan University
Kaplan puts a high emphasis on military service, and experience/coursework from the military can be used to cover 75% of your necessary credits. If you’ve got some military under your belt and feel like being a CNA, Kaplan can cut your workload down substantially. The only real catch is that they’re an online university. That may not really be a catch though; this allows you to very realistically study at your own pace and obtain the necessary knowledge in your own time. Programs available include Medical Assisting certifications.

Fortis College
Fortis has campuses in fifteen states, and they also offer an online program. They offer two separate degree options. There’s a Certified Medical Assistant Program in Landover, Maryland, and their online options feature an Associate’s of Science in Medical Assisting.

San Joaquin Valley College
San Joaquin Valley College is another online institution that allows you to acquire your Medical Assistance Certificate, or a degree as a medical assistant. Like Kaplan, this university provides a great deal of individual autonomy as far as scheduling is concerned.

The Advantage of Pursuing CNA Employment
A substantial shortage of nurses is predicted for the next several years, and all signs indicate said shortage will only increase in the future. Being a nurse’s assistant is a great way to climb the medical ladder into a more secure livelihood as a nurse. Consider the graph below.

CNA Projected Demand

(Image source: )

As the demand for nurses increases over the next several years, supply of nurses is predicted to decline. That means the quality of the available positions will necessarily increase, as will the payment involved. One reason for this is aging baby-boomers, and the lack of nurses left in their wake. As baby boomers get older, they are going to need increased medical assistance, as they comprise a vast segment of the population. Becoming a CNA right now is one of the best career choices you can make. Your services will be respected and in demand for decades to come, and what’s more: you can acquire your degree on your time almost anywhere you would prefer.

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