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CNA Classes In Denver

Denver, Colorado is one of the “boom town” areas in the United States. With the state experiencing low unemployment and Denver in particular experiencing high growth in population and construction, Colorado is going through some of the best times of any state in the Union. Healthcare jobs in particular are no exception. With increased demands upon the medical training provider system, Denver and the state are in need of more qualified and certified healthcare providers. If you’re looking for a way into the healthcare arena, now is a great time to start as a certified nursing assistant or CNA.


Classes & Requirements

Enrollment in CNA classes and the licensing requirements to become a CNA in Denver, Colorado, are pretty much in line with most states across the country. There are federal guidelines, but Colorado has its own laws as well. Even if you’ve completed another approved program in another state, you are still required to pass Colorado’s exam before you will be issued a license to work in this field in Denver or anywhere else in the state.
CNA classes in Denver generally operate anywhere from 8 to 13 weeks and require a minimum of 75 hours of classes plus 100 hours of clinical training and hands on experience. Then you take Colorado’s licensing exam. Your exam will include a blend of multiple choice questions and practical responses. You’ll also need the following:

• Negative TB test

• A fingerprint card

• Official ID

• Proof that your immunizations are current


CNA Training Programs In Denver

• Believe it or not, online classifieds such as Craigslist and Backpage can provide great information on area classes and programs.

• Medical staffing agencies that contract with hospitals, nursing facilities, home health agencies, etc., can be a great source of information for CNA programs. Simply do an internet search for such agencies.

You do have to be wary of programs that are not well-established or may not meet all state requirements. Fortunately, there are quite a number of accredited post-secondary schools that carefully meet all state expectations with regard to training. A few of these are listed below but contact the closest two or four-year college nearest to you to inquire about their program.

Westwood College

Emily Griffith Technical College


Arapahoe Community College

Who’s Hiring CNA’s in Denver?

There are a wide range of employers in the Denver area that regularly employ certified nursing assistants. Many of them, including the ones listed below offer classes and employment opportunities:

• Denver Health

• University of Colorado Hospital

• HealthOne North Suburban Medical Center

• Kindred Hospital

• Porter Adventist Hospital (Centura)


More Classes in the Denver area:

Can You Make A Living Being a CNA?

If you become a CNA in Denver and the surrounding area, you can expect to earn a decent wage. Of course, what you actually earn will be dependent on any specialization you acquire as well as the company or health facility you work for. Average salaries in this line of work are close to $25K but can reach into the mid $30K range. If you work in a strongly urban area, the average salary is a little higher.

What Will You Learn In A Typical CNA Class?

Not all CNA classes in Denver are cut of the same cloth. Some schools have quite a stable of qualified training instructors. Others, not so much. While it is true that all CNA programs vary in what is taught and how it is taught, CNA training agencies in the Denver area have to provide a minimum set of skills for its graduates in order to meet both federal and state guidelines. Graduates of these programs will develop a breadth of skills and abilities including the following:

• Proper use of physical restraints so that patients are safe and treated with respect

• Providing basic physical care that include bathing, dressing, toileting, hair and nail care

• Ensure that patients receive excellent care through proper hygiene and safety measures that protects patient and caregiver alike

• Learning how to be a part of a trained medical team that knows how to properly deal with facility staff and to effectively communicate with patients and their families

• Know how to care for patients in a variety of real world situations, including CPR and proper medical treatments as ordered or as needed


Make sure that you get the proper training and enroll in the right classes so that you can be successful in this competitive healthcare environment. Take the time to properly investigate each set of CNA classes in Denver for its worthiness. Your career could depend on it. At the very least make sure that the program you choose is approved by the state of Colorado. Thank you for choosing us to find out more about:

CNA Classes in Denver Colorado

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