CNA Classes in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana is not a state or city that should be overlooked in pursuing a career as a CNA (certified nursing assistant). Some estimates put the need as high as 35% for an additional number of CNA’s that will be needed by 2020. Lower costs of living and living in the heartland of America make this an ideal place to train and work as a CNA. CNA classes in Indianapolis are easy to locate and there is an excellent chance that a training facility is close to you.

Classes & Requirements:

So, where do you find CNA classes in Indianapolis? The quick method would be to go to online billboards and you will probably find quite a few. You could also go to job specific sites such as Reviewing all the classes going on in your area will give you a good feel for the market and the possibilities that such a career brings. Using this method will help you launch virtually immediately in this medical field.
CNA Institute of Indiana is a highly recommended school.

Indiana also has advanced degrees in this field and you can read all about these degrees on, look for Indiana CNA Certification and Licensing.
The state’s licensing arm for certified nursing assistants is the Indiana Licensing Agency, also known as the IPLA. However, the CNA classes have to be approved by the Indiana Board of Nursing. The Board requires 30 hours of classes and at least 70 hours of practical instruction. In addition, there is also a CNA exam that is administered by the Ivy Tech University. This exam has a written portion and a practical skills portion. Both must be passed in order to be licensed.
• Negative TB test
• A fingerprint card and full background check
• Official ID
• Proof that your immunizations are current

For a more detailed list on CNA Classes in Indianapolis look here:

Who’s Hiring CNA’s in Indianapolis?

There are a wide range of employers in the Indianapolis area that regularly employ certified nursing assistants. Some of them are medical staffing companies but others are major employers in this market. Indianapolis has approximately 30 hospitals and many skilled nursing facilities that not only employ but also offer training classes of their own. Listed below are just a few to check out:
• Indiana University Health – some consider this organization to be the best in the country and it is one of the biggest employers in Indianapolis
• St. Vincent Hospital and Health Center – many believe this to be the second best hospital in town
• Franciscan St. Francis Health – a very friendly CNA facility

Can You Make A Living Being a CNA?

If you become a CNA in Indianapolis and the surrounding area, you can expect to earn a salary that is slightly under the national average coming in at about $23,000 and topping out close to $29,000. However, this position is often a gateway to other medical positions that can significantly raise your salary. This deeply personal work is in many ways a mission and is suited to those with great compassion toward their fellow citizens.

What Will You Learn In A Typical CNA Class?

You will have to learn much to be a CNA but the upside is that it can all happen rather quickly and you can be employed very soon. Here are some of the things that certified nursing assistants must learn to be proficient in their craft:

• Proper lifting and moving – some patients have limited or no mobility and so it is necessary to know how to transfer patients from bed to bed and around the home or facility as needed
• Proper understanding of wound care – CNA’s are often tasked with infection control duties that include wound cleanings and dressings
• Sometimes CNA’s need to be responsive to patients with cognitive disorders and various physical disabilities. Also, there will be times that they will need skill in dealing with young patients as well as those with various mental health issues
• Patient rights
• Ethics
• Medical and anatomy language

Your future possibilities are great! Enroll now in the many CNA classes in Indianapolis!

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