You can find everything you need to know about CNA classes near Lakeland, Florida by reading this blog post. Here you will find the schools closest to you. You will also find the resources and information you need to begin the process of becoming a registered CNA.

CNA Classes Near Lakeland Florida

CNA Classes near Lakeland Florida

You will find there are many options available when it comes to CNA programs and schools close to Lakeland.

If you want more information about CNA programs in Florida in general, make sure to check our FL page

The Process of Becoming a CNA in Lakeland, FL

In most cases, the process of becoming a CNA in Lakeland, or Florida in general, is typically the same. It all starts and ends with certification.

Certification involves three necessary steps. Each one of these steps leads to the next one, so think of this as a road map for your new career.

  • Find, apply for, and complete an accredited CNA program

  • NNAAP exam, or other nationally recognized certification exam

  • State Nurse Aide Registry

It’s only three steps, but each one is its own challenge. If you really want to become a CNA, these steps should not give you too much trouble.

Different routes towards certification in Lakeland, FLM

Florida statutes list four possible avenues you may take for earning your certification.

  • Complete an approved training course, and complete the exam with a minimum score

  • Complete the exam with a minimum score, be at least 18 years of age, and have a high school diploma or GED

  • Already have certification in good standing from another state, and a listing on that state’s registry

  • Complete training established by the Enterprise Florida Jobs and Education Partnership Grant, and pass the exam

The first and last points may seem similar, but they differ somewhat in approach. The exam may differ as well. If you take route one, you will likely take the NNAAP exam. If you take route four, you will likely take the exam Florida currently favors, which is the Prometric CNA exam. Don’t worry though, either path leads to certification.

If you take the route that doesn’t include training, just know that if you fail the exam three times, you cannot take it again unless you do take a training class. In addition, each one of these possible avenues starts with a background check. You will also have to go through an electronic fingerprinting process.

Training to become a CNA in Lakeland, FL

Training classes in Florida typically include the following:

  • 80 classroom hours

  • 40 hours of clinical instruction

If you want to take your classes online, you will still need to do your 40 clinical hours in an approved facility under proper guidance.

CNA and Healthcare Governing Agencies for Lakeland, Florida

Florida takes healthcare seriously. There are many levels of regulation in the nursing field.

If you’re curious about the specific laws, codes, statutes, concerning CNA, try these:

The CNA field is still growing. Now is a good time to get your foot in the door. Using this information, you should have no problem finding your perfect CNA Class near Lakeland Florida.

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