Why should you take CNA Classes in Lincoln Nebraska

CNA Classes in Lincoln Nebraska Lincoln, Nebraska, sometimes known as the “Star City,” is a great place to build a future. In the mid 1800’s, people flocked to what was known as Lancaster on the east side of the Salt Creek, because of the abundance of salt. Today, Lincoln is known for its mid-western charm and it’s growing technological advancements. Home to the University of Nebraska and being known for its medical sciences, this is a great city to obtain a CNA license and launch a career in this sector. What Is A CNA? If you’re looking for classes to become a CNA in the Lincoln, Nebraska area, you probably know what you’re looking for. But just in case the thought of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is new to you, it might be helpful to know more about the profession.

A CNA might be referred to as a home health aide, maybe a personal care assistant or nursing assistant, depending on the environment and facility you may be working in. Regardless of what you are called, you are (or will be) a trained professional and though there are many types of work environments for CNAs, the responsibilities will be generally the same. As a professional, you will be working under the supervision of a Registered Nurse. You will have more direct patient care than most of the other healthcare professionals because that is what you do. Here’s a quick list of what Certified Nursing Assistants generally do: • Patient feeding. Some patients need more hands on through direct feeding. Other patients just need their food trays brought to them and properly positioned. • Personal care handling such as oral care, bathing, helping to dress and toileting of the patients. • Handling catheter and catheter bags and recording the volume of urine passed. • You will be required to take regular vital signs like blood pressure, pulse and temperature. • Turn bedridden patients regularly to relieve the weight off pressure points to keep bedsores from happening. • Helping patients change their bed clothes and removing soiled laundry from the patient or resident’s room. • When asked by a supervisory nurse, you will be asked to collect and report information concerning patients that could include mood swings, vitals, how much food is consumed as well as liquid intake and bowel movement activity, etc. • To provide continuity of care you will need to pass along vital information concerning your patients to the CNA that follows you or to the nurse that is in charge. • Help with walking patients outdoors and to recreational activities. In general, you will be working in one of two sectors: private care in a home and the hospital/long term care facility.

Governing body for CNA’s in the State of Nebraska

The governing organization that regulates Nursing Assistants in the state of Nebraska is the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. It’s website can be found here. This department deals with a number of other health care professions within this state. To find out more visit their website in the link above.

Finding CNA Classes In Lincoln Nebraska

Lincoln NE

CNA classes can be found at a medical training center or a community college. The University of Nebraska has a well-qualified CNA training program. You can also approach various long term care and rehabilitation facilities because some have a certified training program and will even make it available to you for free if you agree to work for them for a period of time. You could take approved online classes that fit your busy schedule. However, you will miss the personal interaction between instructor and student. Here are the programs near you:

Another option through the University of Nebraska is to enroll in their nursing school to become a licensed CNA. After graduating from the program and working in the field, you could go back to the university to complete a nursing degree. With all these options, you can be a well-rounded caregiver.   To search for schools individually use this link and use the search bar in the top left of the page: http://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/ Thanks again for looking into CNA Classes in Lincoln Nebraska. From the state but looking to go elsewhere? Click here to find schools in nearby Iowa.

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