There are several CNA classes near Queens, NY for those interested in joining this popular and growing healthcare field. Here are the local resources you need to get on the right track towards becoming a CNA.

CNA Classes Near Queens NY

There are several CNA classes located close to Queens.

For more information about CNA programs and classes in the State of New York, go to our NY page.

How to Become a CNA in Queens, NY

CNA Classes in Queens NY

No matter where you are, the requirements for becoming a certified nursing assistant are always similar.

The CNA certification process in Queens, NY

The certification process isn’t difficult. In general, there are three steps you will have to take to become certified.

  1. Complete and accredited CNA training program
  2. Pass a nationally recognized (meets OBRA requirements) certification exam, such as the NNAAP
  3. Have your name added to your State Nurse Aide Registry

Once you complete this process, you can start working in the healthcare field as a certified nursing assistant.

Training to become a CNA in Queens, NY

Before choosing any training program, you should always make sure the program is the right one for your needs. Here’s a few things you should consider.


Not all the offered programs have the same admission guidelines. They may all offer slightly different paths towards becoming a CNA as well. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a typical standard that applies to most, if not all, of these programs that can help you start. You should have:

  • A high school diploma, HSED, or GED
  • An age of 18 years or older
  • The ability to pass a background check
  • The ability to pass a physical exam
  • No communicable diseases

Some programs may have more prerequisites, but the ones listed here are somewhat standard. A program may not even require some of these.

Check for accreditation status

Accreditation means the program meets current, nationally recognized nursing education standards and practices. An accredited program will offer you up-to-date training, rather than giving you outdated information. Accreditation is also important for various other reasons. For example, it’s possible to lose out on financial aid if the program lacks accreditation.

In general, it’s the state nursing board or some other accreditation group that provides accreditation to a schools CNA program. At the very least, you should look for accreditation from one the following national organizations.

  • Accreditation Commission for Education (ACEN, fka NLNAC)
  • Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)

You should see the accrediting organization listed on the program’s website blatantly, or you should see a logo on the page somewhere. You can also check the websites of the accreditation organization to see if it lists the program you’re interested in.

Choose between online or offline classes

Many CNA programs offer online training. This can help anyone that keeps a busy or irregular schedule. It can also open up more potential schools in NY for you to apply to. There’s no great difference between online classes and traditional ones.

However, CNA requires a number of clinical hours. So keep that in mind if you choose an online program. You will still have to coordinate with a local hospital or healthcare facility to fulfill your clinical hour commitments. You may also have to go to a facility to complete your lab hours as well.

Governing Agencies for CNAs in Queens, NY

In NY, the New York State Department of Health governs and regulates nursing related fields. There is also an NY arm of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

  • New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH)
  • New York State Board of Nursing (through the NCSBN)

If there are changes to the CNA training requirements or anything affecting the nursing or healthcare field in NY, it will come from the NYSDOH.

If you want to get started in healthcare, a CNA program is an ideal way to enter the healthcare field. It’s a still growing field with many opportunities for those with a desire to help others. With the information provided here, you should have no trouble reaching your goal of becoming a certified nursing assistant.

CNA Classes in New Orleans

Read below to find out more on CNA Classes in New Orleans

Delgado Community College
Central to New Orleans is Delgado, an institution that provides students 80 hours of nursing assistant care experience in facilities that have been approved. This includes roughly 40 hours’ long-term care supervised by faculty a the institute. Psychosocial, biological, spiritual and cultural needs of clients in specific environments is taught and evaluated. There is a focus on rehabilitative care, as well as therapeutic measures to ensure dignified passing in certain scenarios.

CNA Classes in New Orleans

Nunez Community College
Just under seven miles from the city center, Nunez Community College allows prospective CNAs to learn basic bedside care, as well as patient comfort techniques via hands-on experience in a variety of healthcare settings. The aim is for students to be employed in long-term care situations, home health care settings, hospitals, and a other types of healthcare facilities.

Healthcare Training Institute
Ten miles out is the Healthcare Training Institute. Graduates are prepared to pass their Nursing Assistant Certification exam, become properly certified, and find gainful employment as a CNA.

Compass Career College
A little further out is Compass Career College. About forty-four miles from New Orleans, this institution has a marked emphasis on obtaining a career after studying. While CNA classes in New Orleans have a similar emphasis, this group actually features a gainful employment disclosure on their website to help you get your head around the numbers.

Process To Become A CNA In New Orleans

To become a Certified Nursing Assistant in New Orleans requires passing a formal training program which is offered by the above-mentioned schools. Once this training program has been completed, applicants must take the certification exam offered by the state.

Training programs must have at least 80 hours of hands-on training which include at least 40 hours of clinical experienced in a supervised setting. Biology, psychology, nutrition, medical terminology, healthcare system features, nursing principles and other essentials are all part and parcel to the classroom training which predates state-sanctioned certification. When classwork has been completed, at least 40 hours must be devoted to a community clinic that operates locally or some similar facility of healthcare in order to practice skills under a registered nurse’s supervision.

Government Agency That Oversees CNAs in Louisiana

In Louisiana, the agency which finally vindicates legal certification is the Louisiana State Board of Examiners for Nursing Facility Administrators. After completing your coursework, this organization will mete out a certification exam. Once this exam has been passed, you’ll be legally able to operate as a CNA anywhere in the state that is willing to hire you.

The Advantage Of Taking CNA Classes In New Orleans

CNA Classes In New Orleans are a wise choice given the current demographic in Louisiana; not to mention across the rest of America. Baby boomers are aging, and as they age they require nursing assistants. Nurses are also retiring, which equally fuels the demand for new RNAs. To become a registered nurse can take time, and a great step that direction is becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA. Especially in New Orleans, where the ravages of Hurricane Katrina are still being seen to today, Being a nurse is not just a lucrative choice, it is an especially valuable service to society. Finally, achieving your certification as a nursing assistant can be done with relative speed, usually in one or two months at the minimum if you’re driven enough. Most programs involve about 120 hours of service, followed by the state exam.

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