What’s Involved In Becoming A CNA In Rochester, NY?

CNA Training in Rochester, NY is available, and being a CNA in Rochester is pretty straightforward. You attend a course that offers CNA training, then you take a test with the New York State Nurse’s Aide Registry. After that, you are a Certified Nurse’s Aide. A typical CNA course looks like this: you will do roughly ninety-five hours in the classroom and thirty-five hours in the field under supervision. Most courses include the written portion of the test, and the clinical state exam as well. Most courses will put you in a program that completes sixteen hours-or-so in a week, though you are always welcome to complete training of the written variety over the internet and find your own hands-on training options. Many CNA courses will offer options like on-site child care. Finally, induction into such programs is pretty normative, and requires only minimal reading and math skills. You’ll go through an intake interview and be tested on a very basic level.

CNA Training in Rochester NY

CNA Training in Rochester NY

Many Rochester CNA training options aren’t specifically attached to a school, though a number of them are. Following are several trustworthy options within a hundred miles of the city’s center.

Center for Instruction Technology & Innovation, CITI
This program is roughly 72 miles from Rochester proper. While its specialization isn’t strictly concerned with nursing or nursing programs, there is a practical nursing course which will prepare those who take it to properly nurse individuals in non-official situations. While this isn’t something which will result in CNA certification, it’s a great first step that direction.

Rochester Educational Opportunity Center (REOC)
Much more centrally located, REOC does have an actual CNA program. It consists of classroom studies, lab, and clinical practice wherein preparation for nursing assistance and care is the main goal. Certification follows completion of the program, and the Prometric Exam (or State examination). Commonly this program is used to help students climb the ladder toward further education in nursing.

To find more CNA Training Programs in Rochester NY scroll through theses programs:

For more CNA programs listed by region across the state of New York, this registry has a bevy of available programs which are in continuous update.

Government Agency Overseeing CNAs in Rochester

The New York State Nurse’s Aide Registry is the organization which oversees CNAs in New York. Basically, prospective CNAs take a test which is called a Prometric Exam. If the test is passed, then CNA status is awarded.

Reasons To Be A CNA Today

Becoming a CNA is one of the best steps you can take toward eventually becoming a registered nurse. CNA training in Rochester, NY is also a lot less intensive than it is in many other states. For less than a work week’s worth of in-the-field training, and only about two-and-a-half work weeks’ classwork, you will be prepared to get a job in the field. Motivated individuals in Rochester can have their certification in as little as two or three weeks, if they know what to study and how to freelance hands-on training. But it’s not beyond expectation for you to become a CNA in two months at a reasonable pace. Furthermore, CNA training in Rochester, NY will better prepare you for nursing in the state.

What people are realizing today is that Baby Boomers have made it over the hill, and are quickly rolling down the other side. Entire populations of nurses are becoming too old to nurse, and the next generation must take their place. Consider some statistics collected by Villanovau: the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported 20% of new jobs in 2012 were healthcare related; they also reported that RNs have a 16% projected increase through 2024. Villanovau went on to report that the American Journal of Medical Quality said the nursing shortage would continue nationally, and closed the section by pointing out that Health Affairs reported current shortages in nurses will grow to over a quarter of a million by 2025. That is a shortage twice as great as any that have happened since the sixties.

In the United States, you can expect a shortage of registered nurses that intensifies; especially over the next several decades. Becoming a CNA and getting your certification now is akin to getting in on the ground floor. You’ll know the lay of the land, and be able to apply real-life training to the rigors required of a registered nurse. The fact is, nursing in America is quickly becoming a healthcare concern. CNA training in Rochester, NY may not be just a career upgrade for you; it could actually end up being patriotic as well.

There are many opportunities in this area, and nurse’s aides will always be necessary to society anywhere you go. Becoming a CNA will leave you with real life skills which will always make you an asset. We appreciate you spending the time to find CNA Training in Rochester NY.

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