CNA Classes in South DakotaIf you are interested in a career as a Certified Nurse Aide, you will be happy to learn that CNA classes in South Dakota are now accepting new students for both online and campus-based training courses. Programs approved by the State Board of Nursing are available at a wide range of community colleges, vocational schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and are also offered by such groups as the Good Samaritan Society throughout South Dakota. These training programs will help you gain the knowledge and skills to pass the certification exam in as little as six weeks.

CNA Classes in South Dakota – Now Accepting Students!

Any of the training programs listed below should make you eligible to take the certification examination. You can contact any of these programs through the forms provided.

What is the Job Outlook for CNAs in SD?

The need for nursing aide positions in South Dakota is expected to increase by 13% through the year 2020 according to the latest projections provided by the South Dakota Department of Labor.

State20102020Job Openings*Percent Change
South Dakota4,3404,90010013%

*Projected New Job Openings Source: South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation- Projections

What is the Median CNA Salary in South Dakota?

With a median salary for CNAs of $22,400, this entry level position continues to be one of the most attractive healthcare positions for professions not requiring a college degree.

Pay TypeBottom 10%25%Median75%Top 10%

Source: South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulations – Labor Market Information Center

How Can I Become a CNA in South Dakota?

There are three easy main steps you need to complete in order to work as a Certified Nurse Aide in South Dakota. These steps are:

  1. Complete a CNA program accredited by the South Dakota Board of Nursing
  2. Apply for and successfully pass the certification examination given by D&S Diversified Technologies LLP within 24 months of completing your training program
  3. Have your name placed in the South Dakota Nurse Aide Registry

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CNA Certification Renewal

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Obstacles Faced by a CNA

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