CNA Classes in Indiana

If you’d like to become a Certified Nurse Aide in the Hoosier State, CNA classes in Indiana are now accepting new students for the upcoming semester. By completing a course accredited by the Indiana State Department of Health, you can be eligible to challenge the state’s certification exam in as little as two months.

You can find a wide range of accredited CNA programs throughout the State of Indiana, but those listed below excellent a good starting part for your search. To request information from one of the schools, simply use the contact form provided.

The need for nurse assisting professionals in Indiana mirrors that of the rest of the nation. In line with the national average, the State of Indiana projects a 20% increase in the number of new CNA positions required around the state through 2020.

CNA Salary and Wage Data for Indiana

Area Pay Type 2012-2022
10% 25% Median 75% 90%
United States Hourly $8.80 $10.07 $11.74 $14.16 $16.99
Salary $18,300 $20,900 $24,400 $29,500 $35,300
Indiana Hourly $8.29 $9.55 $10.81 $12.64 $14.49
Salary $17,200 $19,900 $22,500 $26,300 $30,100

Earning your CNA certification in the Hoosier State requires you to first complete a three-step process. The three steps required to become eligible for employment are:

  1. Complete and ISDH-accredited CNA training program
  2. Pass the Indiana Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation
  3. Post your license number and name in the Indiana Nurse Aide Registry
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