If you want a rewarding career in helping others, you should consider enrolling in CNA classes in Maine. Training is now being offered both online and through the more traditional campus based programs throughout the Pine Tree State.

Programs that have been accredited by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services are now accepting new students and are offered at a variety of vocational schools, community colleges, nursing homes, hospitals and technical schools such as St. John Valley Technology Center.

The courses highlighted below are now accepting new students for the upcoming semester. These accredited programs should qualify candidates to take the certification exam in the state of Maine. For questions on enrollment or course availability, please contact the programs through the forms provided.

Health care related jobs such as nursing assistants are very much in demand right now due to the aging population and changing demographics of the state. The Maine Center for Workforce Research and Information currently projects a growth of 10% of new CNA jobs in Maine through the year 2020. This is incredible news for those seeking to start a new career.

State 2010 2020 Percent Change Projected Job Openings
Maine 9,900 10,940 10% 230
Type Bottom 10% Bottom 25% Median Top 75% Top 90%
Maine Hourly $9.34 $10.17 $11.45 $13.45 $14.94
Maine Yearly $19,400 $21,200 $23,800 $28,000 $31,100

Aspiring nursing assistants must complete three specific steps in order to legally work in Maine. These requirements are as follows:

  1. Successfully attend and complete a Certified Nursing Assistant training program that has been approved by the Maine Department of Health and Human Services
  2. Prove knowledge and competency by passing the state certification examination within 24 months of graduating for training program
  3. Apply for and have your name listed on the Maine Nurse Aide Registry
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