CNA classes in Texas are a perfect way to get your start in a career that is highly in demand. Whether you know it or not, healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the country according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The main reason for the higher demand is due to the aging population of Baby Boomers. CNA classes in Texas will offer you the best training in the basics of healthcare to start your new career in as little as six weeks.

Finding the right CNA classes in Texas for you is easier than you think. Most community colleges, vocational schools, nursing homes and even some hospitals offer training programs. You may opt to enroll in online CNA classes if a traditional school may not fit in to your current schedule. Just make sure that the CNA certification training you are interested in is a state approved program.

Name City Type Graduation Rate
Trinity Valley Community College Athens 2-year, Public 23%
South Texas Vocational Technical Institute-Brownsville Brownsville < 2-year, Private for-profit 71%
South Texas Vocational Technical Institute-Corpus Christi Corpus Christi < 2-year, Private for-profit 48%
Concorde Career Institute-Dallas Dallas 2-year, Private for-profit 95%
PCI Health Training Center Dallas < 2-year, Private for-profit 78%
Anamarc College-El Paso Central El Paso 2-year, Private for-profit 76%
Anamarc College-El Paso East El Paso 2-year, Private for-profit NA
Excel Learning Center El Paso < 2-year, Private for-profit 88%
Vista College El Paso 2-year, Private for-profit 99%
Texas State Technical College-Harlingen Harlingen 2-year, Public 21%
Pima Medical Institute-Houston Houston 2-year, Private for-profit 67%
Professional Careers Institute Houston < 2-year, Private for-profit 87%
Texas Health School Houston < 2-year, Private for-profit 82%
Cedar Valley College Lancaster 2-year, Public 9%
Laredo Community College Laredo 2-year, Public 18%
South Texas College McAllen 4-year, primarily associate’s, Public 19%
South Texas Vocational Technical Institute-McAllen McAllen < 2-year, Private for-profit 64%
Paris Junior College Paris 2-year, Public 19%
RGV Careers Pharr < 2-year, Private for-profit NA
South Texas Training Center San Benito < 2-year, Private for-profit 85%
South Texas Vo-Tech Institute Weslaco < 2-year, Private for-profit 66%
Valley Grande Institute for Academic Studies Weslaco < 2-year, Private not-for-profit 48%

In order to work as a certified nursing aide in the Lone Star State, you will need to successful complete your training at any of the CNA classes in Texas as well as pass the competency certification exam. Your CNA classes in Texas will be important in training for your exam. The certification exam is made up of two parts with 70 multiple choice questions and five hands-on demonstrations of learned CNA skills. You must pass both parts of this exam and listed in the Texas Nurse Aide Registry before you can work as a CNA.

Maintaining Your Certification

Unlike a number of other states, the CNA certification in Texas does not expire. However, every two years you will need to contact the Texas Nurse Aide Registry with proof of your employment. By doing so, your certification status will remain active.

As previously mentioned, the employment opportunities for CNAs in Texas are booming. In fact, the projections for CNAs in Texas are much higher than rest of national average. For a comparison, please look at the chart below showing the expected demand in both Texas and the U.S.

State 2010 2020 Percent Change Projected Job Openings
Texas 94,090 118,710 3,680 26%

*Projected Yearly Job Openings

Source: Texas Labor Market Information

The salary for CNAs is fairly strong when you consider that this is an entry level healthcare position that does not require a college degree. While the median salary for CNAs in Texas is slightly lower than the national numbers, the lower cost of living in the Lone Star State more than makes up the difference. Listed below is a comparison for the median CNA salaries in the U.S. and Texas.

Type Bottom 10% Bottom 25% Median Top 75% Top 90%
Hourly $8.38 $9.64 $11.05 $13.17 $15.01
Yearly $17,400 $20,100 $23,000 $27,400 $31,200

Source: Texas Department of Labor – Wages

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