CNA Classes in Wyoming

Nurse assisting is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the Cowboy State, and CNA classes in Wyoming can get you ready to challenge for certification and start your career in just a couple of months. Courses approved by the Wyoming Department of Health provide students with all of the theory and hands-on clinical training required to work at one of the state’s many hospitals, community clinics and assisted living communities. Best of all, many programs offer the option to complete your CNA training online – meaning that you can save time and money while completing your studies from the comfort of your own home!

The following courses are available to students in the State of Wyoming, and are now accepting students for the upcoming semester. In order to inquire about course availability, admission requirements, etc., please use the contact form provided.

Name City Type Graduation Rate
Northwest College Powell 2-year, Public 26%

Thanks in large part to the state’s growing senior population, the demand for new Certified Nursing Assistants in Wyoming is expected to outpace the national average with a projected 25% growth ( in new positions through the end of the decade.

State 2010 2020 Job Openings* Percent Change
Wyoming 3,210 4,020 420 25%

*Projected yearly job openings

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Employment Projections

Not only that, but with a median income of $27,300 in 2012, nurse aides are among the state’s best-paid healthcare workers who are not required to hold a college degree.

Pay Type Bottom 10% 25% Median 75% Top 10%
Hourly $10.20 $11.62 $13.13 $14.45 $17.04
Yearly $21,200 $24,200 $27,300 $30,100 $35,400

Source: Wyoming At Work

Earning your CNA license in Wyoming requires you to complete a three-step process. In order, these are:

  1. Graduate from a CNA program recognized by the Wyoming Department of Health
  2. Post a passing score on the state certification exam administered by Pearson VUE
  3. Contact the Wyoming Nurse Aide Registry, and apply to have your name listed
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