This page has a free CNA practice test for you to try your newly gained knowledge on. As you probably know, the certification examination for nursing assistants is comprehensive covering all the topics and skills you that you learned in your training program. You will find that the CNA practice exam at the end of this page will be very useful towards your goals.

The nursing assistant competency exam that you will be taking to get your certification is made of two parts. The first part is the written exam which the CNA practice test on this page is concerned with. The second part of the exam is a live demonstration of the skills you have learned in class.

CNA Practice Test

The CNA practice test offers you some of the types of questions you may get on your actual certification exam. The real exam will be at 60 to 70 multiple choice questions. The actual number of questions along with the time allotted for the exam is dependent on the state rules.

Below you will find a number of tips that can help you get ready and pass the certification exam.

Before the Exam

  • Organize your materials for easier access
  • Plan a regular study time and follow through it
  • Create or join a study group of classmates
  • Find a quiet but comfortable area to study
  • Use old exams to get a feel for the real thing
  • Get enough rest and eat properly
  • Do not cram the night before

Going to the Exam

  • Arrive at least 30 minutes early
  • Eat a good breakfast prior to exam
  • Have at least one current/valid ID like a student ID or a drivers license
  • Bring a watch with a second hand
  • Have payment for the exam
  • Bring at least two #2 pencils

During the Exam

  • Thoroughly ready each question and answer before marking a selection
  • Don’t leave any questions unanswered, come back to questions you having trouble with
  • Keep track of time
  • Keep calm, you know this

Helpful Resources:

National Council of State Boards of Nursing


American Red Cross


Free CNA Practice Exam

Here is our practice exam for you test yourself. We have provided brief explanations on why answer is right. This CNA practice test will be updated and more questions added. Keep checking back.

CNA Practice Exam

A quick CNA practice exam to give you an idea of some types of questions you will experience when you take your certification exam. Good luck!
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