It is mandatory for all Certified Nursing Assistant to renew their CNA certification once every two years. Usually, the renewal of CNA certification is done prior to the last day of the month, when your license expires. All the states of USA require the nursing assistants to renew their certification in every twenty four months.

However, there are certain prerequisites that are required to be completed in order to carry out CNA renewal process smoothly. They are as follows:

  • You must have worked for at least the precise number of hours, specified by your state nurse aide registry.
  • You must be a US citizen in order to continue working professionally as a nursing assistant. In case, you are not a US citizen, you must have a required legal document to prove that you are eligible of working in US as a Certified Nursing Assistant.
  • You must fill up CNA renewal form with immense care. The first section of the form must be filled with your personal details; the second section consists of details to be filled up by your employer.
  • As soon as the form is filled, you need to mail it to the mentioned address in the form attached with all the required documents and renewal fees, if asked for.

The rules and provisions regarding CNA renewal may vary from state to state. Therefore, the rules and regulations must be thoroughly read before going through the renewal process.


In case, if you have failed to renew your CNA certification, the process may also differ from state to state. Usually, in most of the states one need to fill the renewal form and also re-take CNA certification examination again, in order to acquire official recognition again. As a result, it is extremely essential to renew your CNA Certification in order to avoid re taking the examinations. Renewing of Certification will definitely ensure smooth flow of your career without any hassles.