Being a CNA is quite possibly the most difficult job in a healthcare facility. You are tasked with the “dirty work” aspect of patient care, all while being underappreciated and yes, underpaid.

You’re on your feet all day, changing diapers and bedpans, ensuring that your patients are clean and comfortable. You’re selfless and give everything you have every shift of every day.

Your job is frustrating. Some people see you as being less educated but just educated enough to be entrusted with people’s lives.

You have the most interactions with your patients, oftentimes being the first ones to notice when something’s wrong, but you are limited in what you’re allowed to do.

Our Favorite CNA Quotes

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Salute to CNAs – The Real Heroes

Everyone wonders why you’re “just” a CNA, not realizing that you love your position because it enables you to provide more real care to patients.

Yes, more often than not you leave work tired, cursing at the world, only to come back and do it all over again. Why?

It’s all because of love. You wouldn’t mind being paid more for what you do, but it’s not about the paycheck.

You wouldn’t mind having more vacations, but you’re not looking for an easy job.

You put up with it all because you love your patients, and nothing gives you more life than caring for those who can’t take care of themselves and in a moment of honesty, seeing the gratitude on their faces.

Believe it or not, nurses understand the importance of CNAs. Like on all great teams, they know that, while they receive the acclaim, the spotlight should be shined more brightly upon the CNAs – those without whom the team would have no such success.

So, to celebrate all your hard work and care, here are our top five CNA quotes about life in their shoes.

Our Favorite CNA Quotes

  • Do you want to know what keeps CNAs coming back? Here it is!

I positively impact the lives of others every day; I give of myself so that others may live.”– Lori Porter, CNA 

  • CNAs are the real heroes who save the day.

Behind every great nurse there is a running CNA.” 

And finally, a poem by Dawn Mazzola that captures the essence of what it means to be a CNA:

“Only” A CNA?

Who are you to refer to us,

As “Only” a CNA?

We’re the ones who wash and dress

Our patients for the day.

We’re the ones who take the time

To listen to them speak.

We listen about their lifetime,

In a forty hour week.


We also give our hands to hold

When someone’s feeling scared.


It’s not easy being a patient,

You’re never quite prepared.


We take the time to listen,

By lending both our ears.


We listen to their worries,

Or how they’ve spent their years.


Our arms were made to reach,

And even wrap around.


To give our patients hugs,

When they’re feeling a little down.


We help our patients do the things,

They used to do on their own.


Everybody needs some help,

Even when we’re grown.


So who are you to refer to us,

As “only” a CNA?


We do our best to meet their needs,

Within our working day.


We chose to do this job,

The job did not choose us.


We sympathize and empathize,

Compassion is a must.


We try to keep them comfortable,

And free of any fear.


We sit along beside them,

When that time is near.


We hold their hand, stroke their hair,

Just making sure they know.


They’re not alone, an aide is there,

It’s OK for them to go.

Final Thoughts


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CNAs are indeed some of the toughest, most caring people in the world. So, we salute you, because it’s clear that you’re the real heroes of the American medical care industry.