Nursing is a broad term, but what many people — sometimes even the nurses themselves — don't realize is that the industry has a variety of specializations. This list of the top nursing blogs covers a wide variety of situations, from working as a general nurse to focusing on trauma units. You'll find blogs about traveling nurses, blogs for neonatal nurses and even those dedicated to nursing students. Whether you're looking for information, personal stories, or humor, this list has something for everyone.

1. The Nursing Site Blog

From giveaways to useful tools, ongoing education opportunities, and much more, The Nursing Site Blog is an informative and well-written blog that the author, Kathy Quan, RN, updates multiple times per week. Quan has been in nursing for more than three decades and has experience in hospice and home health care. She adds a personal touch by talking about her own experiences, in addition to providing plenty of informational articles.

2. Nurse Code

Nurse Code offers a wide variety of topics. Informational blog posts about diseases and disorders and articles regarding the current job market for nurses are interwoven with fun topics about haunted hospitals and pieces regarding nurses in the news. The author, Nurse Beth, is a published author, career columnist, staff development educator and, of course, nurse. She started her award-winning blog in September 2014.

3. John Hopkins School Of Nursing Blog

Authored by more than a dozen skilled professionals, the John Hopkins School of Nursing Blog dates back more than 15 years and covers a range of topics. Click on "Features" to find the most recent posts, search the archives by season and year, or check out the "Departments" tab for categories such as "What Nurses Need to Know" and "Defining Moments." Recent topics include cross-pollination and its effect on allergies, helping patients battle dehydration, women leaders, green neighborhoods, and much more.

4. Correctional Nurse

the correctional nurse

Blogger Lorry Schoenly, PhD, RN, CCHP-RN, CCN/M, offers a unique perspective in nursing. She works as a nurse in correctional facilities and blogs about the issues surrounding nursing for the incarcerated. Her blog and accompanying podcast reviews related books, talks about the types of offenders she comes across in her work, teaches new nurses how to handle working in correctional facilities, and speaks out on problems in the jail systems in relation to medical care. Schoenly is also a published author and recipient of the 2013 B. Jaye Anno Award of Excellence in Communication. Her blog was named one of the top 50 blogs for nurses in 2018.

5. Calling All Nurses

Authored by Kaplan, the company responsible for the NCLEX prep test, Calling All Nurses is geared toward people who are interested in becoming nurses. The blog includes an explanation of the exam, a section for study tips, career advice, a look at what nursing school is like, and much more. The blog even includes posts that show readers how nurses from across the country go about their days.

6. The Nerdy Nurse

Authored by Brittney Wilson, RN, BSN, The Nerdy Nurse is a long-popular blog in the nursing community. It focuses on technology in the nursing industry and how nursing students, new nurses, and experienced nurses can make that technology work for their careers. In addition to technology, Wilson shares nursing memes, provides deals on scrubs and other equipment, hosts giveaways, and much more.

7. My Strong Medicine


If you love GIFs, you'll love My Strong Medicine. Sean Dent is a nurse practitioner who blogs about a range of topics and uses GIFs to animate his posts and keep them interesting. Dent recently stopped updating the blog to focus on other pursuits in his career, but the blog is still intact and provides plenty of information about getting over fears in nursing, finding passion for the job again, finding a mentor, and many other topics related to the emotional side of nursing.

8. Evidence-Based Nursing

The online companion to the EBN journal, this blog analyzes and discusses nursing in relation to news and current events. The informative and professional articles include such topics as dealing with stress, using social media as a research tool, art for patients, healthcare in the LGBTQIA+ community, and much more. The blog's sidebar provides a dropdown list of categories like child health, practice development, student nursing, and many more.

9. Nurse Nacole

Nacole Riccaboni is passionate about nursing and it shows in her social media presence. The blog itself focuses on helping nursing students meet their goals in preparation for their careers. It provides study guides, daily tips, and much more. Nacole also runs a successful YouTube channel about nursing, and sells nursing charts and apparel in her Etsy shop.

10. Off The Charts

An online publication from the American Journal of Nursing, Off the Charts' posts are educational and scientifically-backed without being difficult to read. The blog provides reviews on nursing conferences, talks about nursing in areas of natural disaster or war, relays new research, and offers career advice as well as takes on a variety of other topics.

11. It Shouldn't Happen In Healthcare

It Shouldn't Happen in Healthcare provides a humorous inside look at nursing. Run by Max E. Nurse, a nurse practitioner, the blog focuses on showing the funny side of nursing in posts like "Alternative Medical Dictionary." The blog also offers plenty of thought-provoking commentaries. Although updated only once or twice a year, each post is one that really can't be missed.

12. Nursetopia


While most nursing blogs focus on careers or other health information, blogger Joni is a registered nurse who caters to the crafty side of nursing. She creates Facebook frames, cute cards, printables, and other items related to nursing that allow her readers to get in touch with their creative side. Be sure to check out her post about installing a gratitude station and don't forget to enter some of the giveaways on Nursetopia.

13. Minority Nurse Blog

Minority Nurse is a magazine catering to people of color in the nursing industry. The blog of the same name provides a variety of resources, including articles on maintaining a social life while nursing, how to decide whether you should find a new job, how to become an expert in a nursing specialization, and much more. The blog also includes a section to find scholarships and jobs.

14. International Nurse Support

Authored by Joyce Fiodembo, RN, International Nurse Support focuses on providing career advice for nurses around the globe. Example topics include how to handle daily stress in nursing, building communication skills, handling negative attitudes, and more. The blog has won several awards, including Top Nontraditional Nursing Site in 2012 and Top-Rated Nursing Blog in 2016.

15. Frugal Nurse

While most nursing blogs focus on nursing as a career, Frugal Nurse takes a different approach. The author, who has been in the nursing industry for more than three decades, focuses on teaching patients how they can save money in the healthcare system. Recent topics include an explanation of dry drowning, how to plan ahead for end-of-life decisions, and how to live well when you have a serious illness.

16. Nursing School Ins And Outs

This blog is perfect for people who want a real-world look at how nursing school affects the rest of a person's life. The blogger, Candi, chronicles her trek through college and from registered nurse to nurse practitioner. She blogs about everything from those precious few days of vacation from school to taking exams to graduation.

17. Nurse Barb's Daily Dose

A women's health nurse practitioner, Nurse Barb offers practical medical advice for men and women. She takes complicated medical terms and turns them into something that is easy to read for everyone. The award-winning blogger covers a range of topics. Recent blogs include improving your chances of getting pregnant, myths about milk, and how to plan for a safari without compromising your health.

18. Head Nurse

Sometimes funny and sometimes serious, Jo blogs about her life as a nurse from both personal and professional perspectives. She has been blogging since 2004 and covers everything from the importance of donating to the Red Cross to what it's like to travel to a state fair with several other nurses.

19. Nursing Show

Jamie Davis, RN, EMT-P, B.A., A.S., provides more than 100 blog posts and episodes on Nursing Show. Catch up on the news in nursing, hear from guest bloggers, and gain plenty of knowledge along the way. Some recent topics Davis covered included how to keep germs away during cold and flu season, information about 2018's Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Conference, and how to get a specialty nursing certificate.

20. Minding The Bedside

Minding the Bedside focuses on helping nurses relieve stress by using meditation methods. Other topics include getting through burnout, managing pain and compassion fatigue, among others. The blog is run by Jerome Stone, a registered nurse and former president of the Bay Area Chapter of Nurse Consultants and the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants.

21. Madness: Tales Of An Emergency Room Nurse

People who are considering becoming an emergency room nurse can get a front-row look at what it entails when they read Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse. Created by an anonymous ER nurse, the blog has told tales of working in an inner-city emergency room since 2011. It occasionally covers current events as well.

22. Emerging Nurse Leader

Dr. Rose O. Sherman, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN created Emerging Nurse Leader as a resource for nurses in leadership positions. Topics include effectively using emotional intelligence, challenges new nursing managers face, and the importance of certification. Sherman has more than 25 years of experience as a professor and as the Director of the Nursing Leadership Institute for Florida Atlantic University's College of Nursing.

23. Digital Doorway

With a focus on contemporary nursing and similar careers, Digital Doorway focuses on technology in nursing, career paths, self-esteem in the field, and more. The author, Nurse Keith, also has a podcast that focuses on holistic career coaching.

24. Confident Voices

Created by Beth Boyton, RN, MS, Confident Voices specializes in communication and collaboration in the healthcare industry. She teaches a Medical Improv Workshop that guides nurses and other healthcare workers in communication. The blog also focuses on safety in the industry.

25. Neonurse

Lori is a traveling neonatal nurse and blogger who is currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden. In her blog, Lori blogs about what it's like to be a neonatal and traveling nurse but also includes posts about general nursing. In addition to Neonurse, Lori writes for the Association of Women's Health and Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses and has been featured in The Huffington Post.

26. Sunbelt Staffing

Sunbelt Staffing has been matching travel nurses with jobs for more than 20 years. Its blog focuses on helping those travel nurses acclimate themselves to their new jobs. Articles cover everything from dealing with loneliness while you're on assignment, how to avoid making mistakes, and managing your money while traveling.

27. The Balanced Nurse

Written by Eileen, a nurse with more than 25 years of experience, The Balanced Nurse aims to help people in the nursing industry broaden their horizons. From destressing with meditation to taking on a traveling position or another alternative career path, Eileen encourages her readers to practice mindfulness in their careers and their personal lives.

28. RN: Real Newbie

Since 2015, Nurse Kitty, a full-time nurse and wife, has been authoring RN: Real Newbie. The blog talks about Kitty's life as a trauma nurse, including how it impacts her personal life. Part informational and part humor, RN: Real Newbie talks about staying positive with problem patients, how to transition between jobs, and much more.

29. Donna Cardillo

Donna Cardillo, RN, CSP, maintains two blogs on her website. The first one, Nurse Power, focuses on career information, such as how to make your first impression count and how to stay positive. The second blog, Motivation Cafe, includes topics like why being thankful is important or the power of poetry. Cardillo is also a book author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.

30. EDNurseasauras

A blogger who calls herself Tyrantasaurus Regina runs EDNursesaurus. She has been a nurse for more than 40 years and currently works in the emergency department. Her blog is a humorous look at the unique situations she comes across with her co-workers, superiors, and patients. This blog is the perfect spot to grab a few laughs as you take a break from studying for your exams.

31. Disruptive Women In Healthcare

Although not related specifically to nursing, Disruptive Women in Healthcare is essential for women in healthcare. Run by influential women in the industry, the blog covers topics related to the struggles and triumphs women face in the industry. Recent topics have included transparency in health care and why antibiotics are not routine.

32. According To Kateri

According to Kateri is one part nursing blog, one part recipe blog, and one part personal blog. Kateri is a registered nurse living in New York City and has been blogging since 2011. The well-organized website makes it easy to find the type of topics you're looking for. Recent nursing topics have included how to use your voice for good, while recipes range from apple muffins to slow cooker recipes.

33. Nurse Gail

A healthcare and wellness expert, Gail Ingram, BSN, RN, her partner, Mia Ross, BSN, RN, and several other contributors talk about health, medicine, beauty, fitness, sex, and much more on Nurse Gail. This blog covers everything from the importance of a consistent sleep schedule to the dangers of synthetic marijuana.

34. Innovative Nurse

The first thing you'll notice about Innovative Nurse, a blog by Kevin Ross, RN, BSN, is how organized it is. Choose from categories including entrepreneurship, technology, living well, and more to find posts on everything from tips for working out while you're on a business trip to social media marketing tips for healthcare professionals.

35. Fresh RN

Created by Kati Kleber, RN, Fresh RN helps recent graduates acclimate to their new surroundings as nurses. In addition to providing information on nursing specialties, the blog offers information on clinicals, graduate school, and much more. Kleber also hosts giveaways from time to time.

36. Hospice Diary

Hospice is often considered one of the hardest nursing specialties to work in for an extended period of time since it deals with people who are nearing the end of life. Since March 2011, Amy Getter has been blogging about her time as a hospice nurse, relaying stories and what she has learned about the human spirit. The blog is a good source for people are interested in providing hospice care and want to know about the ups and downs.

37. Nurse Managers

Authored by HCPro, Nurse Managers is a resource for people in leadership positions in the nursing field. The blog specifically focuses on how leaders can diffuse tense situations in the workplace and provides information and tips for dealing with everything from hostility between co-workers to racism. Other topics include patient safety and compassion fatigue. HCPro is a leader in integrated information and has been in operation for more than 20 years.

38. Infusion Nurse Blog

Focusing on nothing other than infusion nursing, Infusion Nurse Blog creates its posts around infusion therapies, vascular access, and related topics. Recent blogs have talked about the increase of malpractice risks in infusion nursing, the difference between different intravenous infusion therapies, and the shortage of specific saline solutions.

39. RTConnections

A nurse bully expert, motivational speaker, and published author, Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, CMSRN, uses her blog to provide actionable advice for nurses. Recent posts include how performance reviews eliminate bullying in the workplace, addressing escalated violence in healthcare, and what leaders and employees need to know about each other.

40. Nurse Buff

nurse holding paper heart

One part humor and lifestyle blog, one part wealth of valid information, Nurse Buff is separated into several categories, including lists, how-to posts, career guides, NCLEX practice questions, and more. From a guide to forensic nursing to a list of the best lifehacks, apps and quotes for nurses, there is something for everyone on this blog.

41. The Adventures Of Nurse Niki

Despite being a fictional character, The Adventures of Nurse Niki is one of the most popular blogs among nursing students, patients, and others in the community. Each post equals an entire chapter and talks about Niki's adventures in the nursing world. So far, the author has created more than 20 chapters.

42. Daily Nurse

Focused entirely on news, Daily Nurse covers current issues in the healthcare industry as well as provides data results to industry surveys so that readers remain up to date on the industry. The blog, which offers information for students, faculty, and working nurses, covers such topics as nursing schools rejecting thousands of applicants even though there is a nursing shortage, which colleges of nursing are receiving awards or other accolades and introducing a nurse of the week every week.

43. #WhatShouldWeCallNursing

Hosted on the popular social media website Tumblr, #WhatShouldWeCallNursing takes a GIF approach to blogging about nursing Whether humorous or simply relatable, the posts created by the author are short blurbs that will give you a moment of easy-to-read relief throughout your day.

44. The Gypsy Nurse

Although it is another travel nursing blog, The Gypsy Nurse is a bit different. Rather than being written by one person, the blog is written by a large community the original author created. The blog covers everything needed to get into travel nursing, including where to find housing, which travel agencies to use, how to find the job you want in travel nursing, and more.

These 44 blogs are some of the best you'll find in the field of nursing. They provide real information, real-life stories and a look at what you can expect as a new nurse, an experience done or one who is beginning to think about retirement. Of course, there is always another story to tell, so when you're done reading these blogs, maybe you could even start your own.